the other day i saw a maid beat up a kid

the other day i saw a maid beat up a kid and stopped to give her a piece of my mind. her reason for beating up the six year old was because he had torn up a piece of paper the school had sent informing the parents of a trip that morning. i saw no sense in beating up a child over a piece of paper that can be repaired or failure of which one can always get another paper. the emotional trauma for the child will stay with the child forever. i must have looked mad because everyone else had just looked on and had done nothing or had egged the maid on. there is a tendency in our society these days of glorying in other people’s hurts which is really sad.

*  *  *

it has been distressing seeing a video doing the rounds of a maid verbally and physically abusing a child. this is the danger a working mother faces everyday when they leave their children in the hands of a carer. it is especially hard for the mother of a new born to leave their baby at home because babies do not talk and cannot articulate what would be happening to them. the moment the child starts talking you thank the lord because now they can tell you where it hurts and what was happening to them all day long.

*  *  *

when my daughter was about seven months old, she would jump for me whenever i got home. i vainly thought she loved me more than anyone in the whole world only to realise that she wanted me because i could feed her. though she could not speak, she showed me through behavioral patterns what was happening whilst i was away.

*  *  *

used to be one could stop working, look after the kids watching them grow and then go back to working once the kids were grown. not so anymore. besides the simple fact that families cannot afford it (it’s all very well to say that people get organised and prioritise but we all know that is a whole lot of hogwash and another story for another day), things are moving at such a hectic speed that if you go off the job market for say 10 years, then getting back might be a pipe dream and you will end up just staying at home.

*  *  *

so i will keep my fingers crossed that my kids survive childhood with minimum emotional scars and physical hurts. faith can move mountains…


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