Days when I think of meatballs and cry

I have days when I need a lift because I feel really down. These quotes have helped me get by more than once:

1. The streets aint made for everyone thats why they made sidewalks. – Cookie, Empire

2. Mistakes are the price we pay for knowledge. Jock, Jock of the Bushveld

3. When you pray for the rain, get ready to deal with the mud. The Equalizer

4. The first law of thermodynamics; nothing is lost, only changed.


It’s Ok

… to wake up one day and not feel like doing anything.

… to love the villain in a movie; some of them are so likable you just cant help it.

… to know all the kings, banner men etc from the Games of thrones and have no idea of who is actually ruling in the real world.

… to consider ice cream a food group.

…to find Olivia Pope annoying and still

watch Scandal.

… to hate the words: amazing, effortless, trendy, energy, dos, don’t.

… to feel irrationally upset for no apparent reason.

… to be totally offended when winter is officially over and you haven’t shaved your legs yet.

…to speak fondly of celebs as if they you were a part of their families.

And a happy new year to the new you…