I cannot decide whether to weep, laugh or cry

I went to visit my friend whom I hadn't seen in ages. I was dismayed to see that she had become an absolute domestic goddess. *  *  * I struggle with the domestic part of being a mom and wife. I may not totally suck at both but I am most certainly kind of domestically... Continue Reading →


Days when I think of meatballs and cry

I have days when I need a lift because I feel really down. These quotes have helped me get by more than once: 1. The streets aint made for everyone thats why they made sidewalks. - Cookie, Empire 2. Mistakes are the price we pay for knowledge. Jock, Jock of the Bushveld 3. When you... Continue Reading →

It’s Ok

... to wake up one day and not feel like doing anything. ... to love the villain in a movie; some of them are so likable you just cant help it. ... to know all the kings, banner men etc from the Games of thrones and have no idea of who is actually ruling in... Continue Reading →

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